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Audi Q5 Detachable Towbar & 13 pin Dedicated Electrics at Telford Towbars

Are you looking for a Towbar on your Audi Q5 then take a look at our recent install at Telford Towbars.

The Installation

Our customer wanted to go for a detachable Towbar due to the fact the bar would not be in use all of the time. The other reason was that they didn’t want to spoil the look of the new car. We chose the Tow-Trust detachable Towbar that has a towing capacity of 2400kgs. The Audi Q5 dedicated electrics is the 13 pin kit from Right Connections that integrate correctly with the vehicles canbus system it was then fully coded with our very own Complete Diagnostics tool. Don’t forget all of our towbars are fitted with the coding included in the price.

How much is it to fit a Towbar to my Audi Q5?

Towbar fitting prices can vary depending on the vehicle specification. The easiest way to find out the costings of a fitting is to use our towbar quote builder.

Do you offer a mobile fitting service for my Audi Q5 Towbar?

We do offer a mobile towbar fitting service at Telford Towbars… however, should you come to us, we like to make your fitting experience as easy and relaxed as possible!  Go about your day as normal with a FREE hire car, or if you want to explore the local area, have a day out on us at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum here in Telford! The birthplace of the industrial revolution.

Click here to find out more.

What warranty do I get on my Audi Q5 Towbar?

Our towbar installations come with a “life of ownership” warranty. So for as long as you own your vehicle we have you covered! We also offer a FREE 1 year Towbar health check after your installation.

How can we help?

Purchase a Towbar today! Click here to view our dedicated towing solutions.

If you want us to carry out the install then simply enter your registration number in our registration search tool, to generate a quote in less than 60 seconds.

Contact us today!

If you are still unsure about what electrics to use for your towbar fitting, then please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Booking is simple you can call us on:  +44 (0)1952 608750

You can follow the booking process on our website: https://shop.telfordtowbars.co.uk/contact-us/

Or book a Call Back: https://telfordtowbars.co.uk/contact/request-callback

Our Happy Customers!

Customer service is a main priority at Telford Towbars our team of highly trained technicians and support team are always here to help and go the extra mile! Don’t believe us? Check out of 5* google reviews!

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