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What Are Towbars and What Are the Different Types?

A towbar is a device that you can use on your car to hook up to the base plate on your trailer or caravan so that your car pulls it smoothly and safely without you worrying too much!

We are the towbar specialists in Telford and work throughout the UK to make sure you are safe on the road when towing.

So Why Would You Need a Towbar?

We all use our cars for different reasons and quite often you may need to have a tow bar installed on your car whether it is for a family holiday or taking a trailer full of garden waste to the recycling centre.

Some cars and vans may be fitted with a towbar as standard, however, the majority will have to have a towbar installed later.

As towbar specialists in Telford, we strongly recommend you use the experts when fitting a towbar safety is vital.

Choosing a Towbar

The first thing at Telford Towbars we help you with is what type of towbar and why?

We start by looking at what weight you may likely be towing and the contents of what you may need to tow?

There is a huge difference between a caravan and a trailer so we need to be sure before you invest in installing a towbar what you will be towing. Otherwise, it can become an expensive game!

The last thing you want is the bodywork of your car or van ripped away driving down the road as this would be very expensive!

As Towbar Specialists in Telford, our experts will make sure that nothing like that will happen. Compliance and safety is our priority we make sure that all our parts are road legal and safe.

Don’t worry if you only use your towbar for a few months in the year Telford towbar specialists offer annual checks of your vehicle for peace of mind.

It’s important you check you are licensed to tow anything on the roads. Remember learners are not allowed to tow on British roads and when you got your driving license may make a difference so, please check with the DVLA.

What Are the Different Types of Towbars?

Choose from three types of Towbars:

1. Detached

  • Suitable for vehicles with reversing sensors
  • In most instances, the system is completely invisible once the neck is removed
  • Compatible with AL-KO and other friction style stabilisers
  • Allows free access to the rear of the vehicle
  • Lockable with a set of two keys provided
  • Storage bag provided for safekeeping once next is removed
Types of Towbars- Detached

2. Flange

  • Popular in the UK
  • It can be used with accessories such as bumper guard and tow-steps
  • Tow ball height can be adjusted on some commercial vehicles
  • Capable of using accessories like some models of cycle carriers whilst towing

Types of Towbars - Flange

3. Swan Neck

  • Compatible for use with AL-KO stabiliser without the requirements of a replacement ball
  • Less likely to affect reversing sensors
  • Not compatible with common accessories such as bumper protectors or tow-steps
  • It cannot be used for a cycle carrier whilst towing at the same time
  • More aesthetically pleasing than a flange style towbar

Types of Towbars - Swan Neck

You are now a step closer to your mobile towbar fitting.

Once you have chosen what type of towbar, then you can select the type of electrics, or we can advise you.

Telford Towbar Specialists can help you with any queries you have about towbars. You can go onto our website to find out what type of towbar you need and the costing, you can book an appointment with us or you can simply call us on:

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